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Speaking to Intellectuals

October 31, 2008

[Today’s post is by author and television personality Ray Comfort who hosts the weekly television program, The Way of the Master. His best-selling book is also titled The Way of the Master. For New Leaf Publishing Group, Ray authored 101 Annoying Things About Air Travel and 101 Annoying Things About Other Drivers.]

Ray Comfort, Author & Television Host

Ray Comfort, Author & Television Host

You’re sitting on a plane and you finally get up courage to speak to the man next to you. As he is sipping his coffee, you say, “Hey, Ron, I have a question for you. What do you think happens after someone dies?”

Ron finishes the last gulp of his coffee, thinks for a minutes and says, “Nothing.” (more…)


How Old is Planet Earth, Anyway?

October 28, 2008

[Welcome to Written by…, the blog for New Leaf Publishing Group best-selling authors and staff. Today we’re interviewing Tim Chaffey, associate pastor, founder of and author of Old-Earth Creationism On Trial.]

Written by…: Tim, where did the concept for Old-Earth Creationism on Trial originate?

Tim Chaffey: I started hearing several pastors and other Christian leaders saying things like “this issue of the age of the earth really doesn’t matter. There are good arguments on both sides so we really don’t take a stand on it.” Of course, I disagreed with them, but there were really two things that bothered me. (more…)

Pastor Appreciation Month

October 17, 2008

[Written by… is pleased to present Dr. Ron Bigalke, Jr., director of Eternal Ministries, Inc., pastor-teacher of Coastal Bible Chapel in Port Wentworth, GA and author of  The Genesis Factor published by Master Books. In this post, Dr. Bigalke notes that October is National Pastor Appreciation Month and that the Church is exhorted by biblical scripture to “remember those who led you…”] 

Fall is that beautiful time of year when the leaves change color. The trees begin preparation for winter and so indicate they will rest, having matured another year according to the wise design that the Creator endowed to them. (more…)

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 10, 2008

Cancer in any form is devastating – for families as well as individuals. News of a malignancy often brings anger, anxiety and sorrow. It raises fears of the unknown, fears of mortality, fears of the side effects of treatment. “Why me?” “What if I never live to see my children grow up?” “Who will raise them in my absence and how?” “What if I cannot abide the chemotherapy?” “How will I leave a legacy?” are common apprehensions.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, aside from skin cancer, and more than 2.3 million women in the United States alone are living with breast cancer diagnoses. Fortunately, organizations like the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month organization (, the American Cancer Society (, AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation (, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( the National Cancer Institute ( and many, many others provide information, updates and resources for dealing with this dread disease in all its forms. (more…)

God’s Amazing Creatures

October 3, 2008
David & Helen Haidle, Illustrator & Author

David & Helen Haidle, Illustrator & Author

Welcome to Written by…, the author blog for New Leaf Publishing Group best-selling authors and staff. In this, our debut week of blogging, we’d like you to meet Helen and David Haidle, award-winning author and illustrator of more than 45 books for families, children, Christian schools and outreach ministries. Their Bombus series for children was released in March, 2006. 

God’s amazing creatures never cease to fascinate me! When I first started writing the devotional with science facts (GOD’S AMAZING CREATURES and ME), I knew that many animals, birds and insects could teach me about the greatness of God and what God’s plan was for my life today.   (more…)