God’s Amazing Creatures

David & Helen Haidle, Illustrator & Author

David & Helen Haidle, Illustrator & Author

Welcome to Written by…, the author blog for New Leaf Publishing Group best-selling authors and staff. In this, our debut week of blogging, we’d like you to meet Helen and David Haidle, award-winning author and illustrator of more than 45 books for families, children, Christian schools and outreach ministries. Their Bombus series for children was released in March, 2006. 

God’s amazing creatures never cease to fascinate me! When I first started writing the devotional with science facts (GOD’S AMAZING CREATURES and ME), I knew that many animals, birds and insects could teach me about the greatness of God and what God’s plan was for my life today.  

It wasn’t hard to find incredible examples of God’s design in the uniqueness of the stripes on every zebra or in the God enables a baby spider to spin a little web to help it float off to a new home. Now I’m working on a second book full of more exciting examples of God’s wisdom, creative design and humor that can be seen in the creatures He created.

After parents use my devotional with their children, I hope they will help their children “see” all of creation around them with new eyes. The many science facts are always interesting and more complex than at first sight. As creatures show us something about God and also something about ourselves, it gives us greater understanding of our place in God’s plan.

I invite every child to “help” me write my new book on MORE of GOD’S AMAZING CREATURES and ME. Just send me the creature of your choice and tell me what science facts you learned about it. Let me know if the creature reminds you of anything in the Bible. Then think about what YOU can learn from this creature. If I use your creature and some of your writings, I will list your name and give you credit on the front page of my next book! (Parents: use this as a great incentive to encourage your child to do some scientific research and creative thinking and writing of their own!)

[Editor’s note: The Haidles invite anyone interested in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to join them in their book ministry sharing God’s Word with those who have no funds to purchase them. To do so, visit www.seedfaithbooks.com and click on “Heart Gifts” at the bottom of that page. For more information about New Leaf Publishing Group, contact info@newleafpress.net.]


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