Are You Persuaded by the Evidence?

[Today’s blog post is submitted by Doug Sharp, one of the Compilation Editors for Persuaded by the Evidence: True Stories of Faith, Science & the Power of a Creator. Here Doug writes about his experience of working with men whose lives were forever changed when they reached that defining moment of whether to accept or reject a literal six-day creation of Planet Earth. Each man’s story is unique, but all are highly intriguing.] 

Doug Sharp, Compilation Editor

Doug Sharp, Compilation Editor

Thirty-eight different scientists, youth leaders and ministers contributed to the compilation of Persuaded by the Evidence, a collection of personal stories of how God used scientific evidence to cause them to consider the Bible as the Word of God and true in its straightforward reading. I had the privilege of editing their material, and a number of them I interviewed personally. It is amazing the variety of evidence God used to get the attention of various people, intertwining it with personal experiences that matched their interests. All of us are different and God uses our strengths and weaknesses to encourage us to make the choice to follow Him.

The purpose of Persuaded by the Evidence is to put a human face on the logical arguments to consider the Creator God. Not only does the evidence persuade, people persuade with evidence from their transformed lives. That is why we are preparing a sequel called Transformed by the Evidence. Scientific fact is useful only in the context of how it is personally received. Many people complain that this is circumstantial and subjective, but most evidence is. How much evidence is there that is rock-solid and can be classified as Class A evidence? The accumulation of circumstantial evidence is often very powerful.

Evolutionists sound profound when they claim that creation is religion, but evolution is science. In that, they attempt to win the argument by definition. But it is incredible to believe that a person could be persuaded that the scientific evidence for creation is true without signing up for the benefits of a transformed life in Christ. They go hand in hand, and for an evolutionist to disqualify an argument as biased becasue a person is a Christian is disingenuous. Indeed, they ignore the problem that their own lack of experience with the Creator God qualifies them as biased, experiential and emotional in nature and not dependent on hard scientific fact. Like Ken Ham says, “it is all about which bias is the best bias to be biased with.”

I hope that the personal stories of creationists are enjoyed by many people, and I think this adds a dimension to the creation-evolution debate that has not been revealed before.

[Persuaded by the Evidence is recently released by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group.]


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