Were There REALLY Dinosaurs?

[Today we’re interviewing Amie Zordel – wife, mother, homeschooler and author of  Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show.]

Stars of the Show

Amie Zordel, author, Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show

Written By…: Amie, you were inspired to write Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show when your daughter saw the theory of evolution being promoted on a children’s television show. Was it you or your daughter who first said “That’s not right. That isn’t true.”

Amie Zordel: Actually my daughter, Cailin, was the one who noticed the evolution in the program. She has been taught all about creation and knows when she hears anything contradictory.

WB: How vigorously did you or your daughter react to the TV program?

AZ: Cailin was very adamant about correcting the errors in the program. As we watched the show and went over each false teaching, it occurred to me that we didn’t have a book that we could grab and read together that focused on these particular issues. And then, the idea was born.

WB: You emailed that your 5-year-old daughter understands the basics of evolution versus creation science. Do you think most 5-year-olds can understand Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show?

AZ: Yes, I definitely feel that this book presents God’s truth in a way that is simple enough for younger kids to be able to fully understand the message.

WB: Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show is called a ‘colorful apologetics tool.’ Is the book helpful to adults in explaining evolution versus creation science?

AZ: Yes, the message is very simple. There are three main points that I felt were always used when teaching evolution. First, dinosaurs are millions of years old. Second, they evolved from noting; and lastly, that dinosaurs did not roam the earth with man. I used three Scripture references to refute each of these main points. Genesis 1:1 states “God created.” Job 40:15 says behemoth was made with man. And finally, Luke 3 gives a list of geneologies that adds up to several thousand years, not millions. These truths from Scripture are simple enough for kids, but are solid enough for adults to learn from, as well.

WB: How long did it take you to write the story for Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show?

AZ: After watching the kid’s program, I started writing the book that very afternoon. I would sit for hours truing to find the right words to rhyme with what I wanted to say. I would jot down rhyming couplets that worked and when the kids went to bed, I would get to work on the computer. It took several weeks to really nail it down.

WB: How did you find Joanna Borrero? Her illustrations are excellent.

AZ: I was delighted with Joanna’s illustrations. She is a very talented woman. The wonderful staff at New leaf Publishing sent samples from several different illustrators for me to look over. I chose Joanna because of her bright, colorful artwork and I thought her style was very appealing.

WB: What has been the public response to Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show?

AZ: Well, my experience thus far has been with friends and family and they have been very supportive and encouraging. One of my friends was excited to send this book to her nephew, hoping that he will learn more about the truth of dinosaurs in a fun way.

WB: What interesting facts did you learn about dinosaurs while writing this book?

AZ: While touring the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum, we went through the ‘Dinosaur Den.’ It’s an area of the museum where dozens of different dinosaur sculptures are displayed. It was fascinating to see the huge range of sizes of dinosaurs. Some dinosaurs are as small as chickens and others are like behemoth with tails as big as cedar trees. Our Creator God is truly amazing!

WB: Why are ther no dinosaurs living today? How do you explain this fact to children? What are their responses?

AZ: As I learned from AiG’s ministry, dinosaurs, along with other animals, became extinct due to many factors. Some of those factors may include the change in the climate after the flood, a lack of food, disease, and man’s activities. When I have presented this to my kids, my 5-year-old said, “Mommy, I’m sort of glad dinosaurs aren’t around anymore. They’re kinds scary.” Well, yes, that’s one way to look at it.

WB: How prevalent is teaching about evolution in public schools?

AZ: As far as I know, evolution is taught as the standard in science classes in the public school system. However, I would love to have creation being taught in schools all across the country.

WB: Do you teach your daughters the difference between ‘young earth’ and ‘old earth’ creation science? If so, how do you go about this?

AZ: The idea of ‘old earth’ creation science has only come up with my oldest daughter. And I handled it just like I handled evolution. ‘Old earth’ is not what God’s Word clearly states. I like to keep it simple and they get that.

WB: Do you homeschool your daughters?

AZ: Yes! I am a full-time homeschooling Mom. This is my fourth year teaching. Cailin is now in third grade and Abby is in first grade. My youngest, Elena, keeps busy learning her letters and writing her name. Not every day goes according to plan, but I view it as the ministry that God has called me to. I really enjoy watching the kids learn about God, not only in their Bible class, but in science, math, history and so on.

WB: Creation science seems to be gaining ground among evangelical Christians. Do you think the public at large is beginning to question evolution?

AZ: I would have to say yes. I have heard different testimonies from friends who have talked to their families about creation and have taken the time to answer questions they have about it. When we equip ourselves with answers from God’s Word, we can better defend our faith and our belief in a Creator God.

WB: What do you tell other parents wanting to teach their children the difference between evolution and creation science?

AZ: I tell other parents that this is a very important issue. Knowing the truth about creation helps to build a strong foundation for the faith our children have in God. If they can’t trust what the Bible says in Genesis, they may more easily reject the rest of God’s Word. We must be diligent in providing biblical answers to their questions about creation and evolution. The Answers in Genesis ministry has a plethora of information on this topic. Their books and videos have been a valuable resource that I point people to. And they have a wonderful website full of information about current creation/evolution issues the world is facing today.

WB: Thank you, Amie.


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16 Responses to “Were There REALLY Dinosaurs?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Thank you, Amie for creating a beautiful book filled with truth. I know it will positively impact the children who read it, and the parents too! I can’t wait to see your next book!

  2. Lucy Lowe Says:

    I’ll try not to think badly of the author, perhaps her intentions are good, but she is contributing to a lifetime of blindness to reality for these children. It’s bad enough that the three children of the author are denied an education and even sadder to think yet more kids will have their minds polluted by nonsense. The future of America is in danger if these are the kind of books children will be reading.

  3. airtightnoodle Says:

    I completely agree with Lucy Lowe, as an educator, a scientist, and a Christian. I can’t think of anything to add as Lucy pretty much said it all…plus, I’m kind of busy trying to pick my jaw up off the floor after reading this interview.

  4. Now you, too, can teach your children the truth about dinosaurs! « Blog of the Airtightnoodle Says:

    […] to this blog post, a new children’s book has hit the market entitled “Dinosaurs: Stars of the […]

  5. Tim Helble Says:

    Amie – please reconsider! I’m a born-again Christian who is a hydrologist and who worked at the Grand Canyon and who’s been to the Creation Museum and I know for a fact that there was an awfully long period of time between dinosaurs and humans. An awfully long time! Consider Dr. Steve Austin’s Grand Canyon – Monument to Catastrophe. Just ask your young earth creationist experts this – in the western U.S., what rock layer do dinosaur footprints and fossils first appear? Then ask: when was that layer deposited during the Flood? Then ask: how could dinosaurs leave footprints in a layer that wasn’t deposited until near the end of the Flood?! We can’t win people to the Lord if we keep believing nonsense!

    At the Creation Museum, you may have seen the fossilized clutch of dinosaur eggs in the very first room after you pass through the “slot canyon.” How could all those eggs stay together if they were laid during the middle of the Flood in a layer that didn’t even exist yet?

    We have nothing to fear from science – in it, we learn how God created everything.

  6. Robert Parrish Says:

    Tim – there’s an excellent new book about the Grand Canyon written by a team of geologists, a meteorologist and a Canyon tour guide that provides a wealth of evidence showing the Canyon was formed after the worldwide catastrophic flood, about 4500 years ago. Check out the True North Series: Your Guide to the Grand Canyon.

  7. Stephanie Says:

    We love this beautifully illustrated and well-written new book filled with the truth of God’s Word!

  8. AShley B. Says:

    Good for you! Your an amazing Mom, teacher author and a million other things! I am proud to call you my friend! Keep up the good work, keep teaching others the truth and I will buy every book you write and give them to my friends too! I love you Amie!

  9. Tim Helble Says:

    Robert – I will order the book. I try to keep up on the latest in young earth creationist literature. I have Tom Vail’s Grand Canyon – A Different View. I’m familiar with Mike Oard – he used to work for my agency. He ducks the critical evidence for multiple ice ages such as double lateral moraines I’ve been to the Creation Museum.

    May I recommend to you the book “Beyond Creation Science” by Timothy Martin and Jeff Vaughn? You have to buy it at the following website: http://www.beyondcreationscience.com/. Revolutionary stuff! Also, the Bible, Rocks, and Time by Davis Young and Ralph Stearley is an excellent read – it can be ordered from anywhere. I’m still working on reading that one.

    Does the book you recommend deal with my question about dinosaur footprints? Hopefully its explanation isn’t as nonsensical as Larry Vardiman’s in his book “Over the Edge.” It’s easy to refer someone to a book, but do you yourself have an explanation for how they appear in layers that weren’t deposited until near the end of the flood such as the Navajo Sandstone, Morrison Formation, Dakota Formation (these layers are stratigraphically on top of each other)? Add up the number of thousands of feet of sediment that were deposited on the “Pre-Flood/Creation Week layers. According to Henry Morris, the global Flood lasted 371 days. How many feet of sediment were deposited each day? Not just in the Grand Canyon, but all over the globe. How could you have multiple breaks in the Flood to allow dinosaurs to walk around and lay eggs?

    It’s easy to write books about Grand Canyon and the Flood, but think about the whole planet – how can you have sediment being laid down in one area if the frothing flood waters keep picking it up to deposit it in another area? You would have the geologic equivalent of musical chairs.

    We can’t expect people to listen to us when we have something important to say about salvation in Jesus Christ and moral issues when we keep spewing out nonsense about a young earth.

  10. LH3 Says:

    Robert, there’s NOTHING excellent about a book that promotes complete nonsense and ignores evidence. The Grand Canyon is an excellent example of why a global flood is impossible. What with its multiple lava layers, canyons buried within the canyon, the layers of different rocks, the meanders, the angular uncomformities, they ALL point to there being no flood. There is ZERO empirical evidence there was a global flood, and mountainous amounts of evidence there could not have been. Stop believing everything you read in a book and examine the evidence for yourself! What you’re doing is becoming victim to confirmation bias by finding books that confirm your worldview and going “Ah-ha! I knew I was right!”. This kind of fooling yourself and perpetuating willful ignorance is no way to go through life, and certainly not something we should be teaching our kids!


  11. Robert Parrish Says:

    @Leonard – Hi, Leonard – Since you mentioned, The Grand Canyon, I would refer you to another book of “complete sense and nonsense” specifically about the Grand Canyon. It’s titled “Your Guide to the Grand Canyon (True North Series) and details the multiple lava layers, canyons within canyons, layers of different rocks and how those were, in fact, created by the global flood.

    There are sample pages on the Look Inside file at either http://amazon.com or our website, http://nlpg.com.

    Best, Robert

  12. LH3 Says:

    Robert spoketh thusly:
    “The Grand Canyon, I would refer you to another book of “complete sense and nonsense”

    erm, I said it was promoting complete nonsense and ignores evidence, not “complete sense and nonsense”! That’s great that you would point me towards purchasing a book filled with nonsense, but if it’s not free, it’s not for me. I love science, and science related materials. I spend a few thousands each year on science related videos and books, but what you’re peddling is not science my friend, and as such are undeserving of my hard earned cash.

    “and how those were, in fact, created by the global flood”
    Here’s a website with 100 reasons why a global flood could not have happened:
    Pick one, I will happily discuss any of them with you.

    I haven’t seen your DVDs, but I could use a laugh. All you have to do is listen to the first 30 seconds of the audio file of Dr. Kennedy at (http://www.canyonministries.com/content/view/12/55/) to realize Tom Vail is a victim of confirmation bias and has NO interest in examining the evidence! What a theologist has to do with the geology of the canyon, I’ll never know, but making arguments from authority fallacies seem to be their forté!

    Thank you for urging me to consult the “Look Inside” feature by Amazon… if you’d look on page 89, there are several egregious errors. His paragraph about carbon dating is completely ludicrous, and I’ll HAPPILY point you to several peer reviewed papers that say otherwise. His paragraph on Sedimentary dating is one long ignorant lie. If you seriously think geologists date fossils by the layer they’re found in and then date the layers by the types of fossils, you’re smoking crack!
    The diagram on the right hand side of the page is awesome because it displays sorted layering that would NOT be possible had they been the result of a flood. The angular uncomformities disprove a flood. The meanders disprove a flood. The grand canyon is one of the best examples of the impossibility a flood could have occurred.


  13. Robert Parrish Says:

    Thank you for the referral to evcforum.net. Unfortunately, I’m not nearly as informed as yourself; however, one of our authors, Dr. Carl Werner, has researched the fossil record extensively and provides this answer to item 3 about there being no flowering plants in the Cambrian layer.

    “Modern animals are found in all fossil layers from the oldest layer by evolution standards called the Ediacaran to the youngest layer. A fossil from the Ediacaran is on page 93 of my first book (Evolution: The Grand Experiment). Ediacaran is considered older than and is found below Cambrian.

    “Cambrian layers contain only salt water creatures. Don’t be confused by all this because I will show in Vol. 4 that these layers are problematic and this system does not work. For example, there are areas in the world where the lowest layers of rocks have trees 10 feet in diameter, but evolution scientists conveniently do not consider them the oldest layers, even though at this location they lay on top of the basement granite rocks.”

    Regarding “Your Guide to the Grand Canyon,” if you’ll provide a mailing address (here or via email) I’ll gladly send you a free copy. My pleasure.

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