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“Transformed by the Evidence” Book Project: A Call for Testimonies

December 23, 2008

[Today’s post is contributed by Doug Sharp, one of the compilation editors for Persuaded by the Evidence: True Stories of Faith, Science & the Power of the Creator published by Master Books. Here Doug posts a call for additional stories of faith in God and scientific evidence that helps individuals deal with life’s difficult circumstances and questions.]

Doug Sharp, editor of Persuaded by the Evidence

Doug Sharp, editor of Persuaded by the Evidence

The book, Persuaded by the Evidence, is a compliation of stories of scientists, doctors, and ordinary people who share how they struggled through what they were taught in school concerning evolution and what evidence caused them to be persuaded that the Bible can be trusted as truth, and can be interpreted in a straightforward manner. Members of the Creation Research Society who participate in the CRSnet discussion group initiated this project. The intent of the book is to identify the (more…)


Merry Christmas!

December 17, 2008

[Today’s post is by Tim Chaffey, pastor, founder of Midwest Apologetics and co-author of newly published Old-Earth Creationism on Trial by Master Books. He is currently working on another book project.]

Christmas is an enjoyable time of the year for most people. For many, this time of year includes family gatherings, time off from work, reminiscing about Christmases of the past, and an overall sense of joy.

In the past several decades, Christmas has become more and more secular in our society as a large faction (more…)

Woman Gives Birth at the Age of 1!!!

December 15, 2008

[Today’s post is by Amie Zordel, homeschooling mother and author of Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show published by Master Books.]

Stars of the Show

Amie Zordel, author of Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show

Yes! It does sound quite surprising, doesn’t it? Well, let me explain. Recently I was talking with my 5-year-old at the breakfast table one morning. And she asked me, “Mommy, were Adam and Eve ever babies?” I explained to her that the Bible says in Genesis 2:25 that God made Adam and Eve, man and woman, and they were declared husband and wife right after their creation. So, the short answer was, “No, they were never babies.” Then my daughter proceeded to ask me , “How old was Eve when (more…)

It’s That Time Again

December 11, 2008

[Today’s post is by author and television personality Ray Comfort who hosts the weekly television program, The Way of the Master. His best-selling book is also titled The Way of the Master. For New Leaf Publishing Group, Ray authored 101 Annoying Things About Air Travel and 101 Annoying Things About Other Drivers.]

Ray Comfort, author & television host

Ray Comfort, author & television host

It’s Christmas. It’s a season for family and the giving of gifts. It’s a time to thank God for giving us a Savior, and now it’s become a season for atheists to push their godless agenda. You are probably aware of the good news that atheists are making people think about God. What are known as the “new” atheists have a new evangelistic campaign. They are putting God-less signs on buses and beside nativity scenes, and so the secular media are talking about Jesus and the message (more…)

O Little Town of Bethlehem – in Prison

December 8, 2008

[Today’s post is by media journalist, pastor and author of Godcast: Transforming Encounters with God, Dan Betzer. Dan is a frequent visitor to Bethlehem in Israel. Here’s his account of one special night in the Cave of the Nativity.]

Transforming Encounters with God

Dan Betzer, author of Godcast: Transforming Encounters with God

At this time of year, the hearts of Christ’s followers turn toward Bethlehem. Not so tiny anymore. In these days Bethlehem sits within prison walls, the security “fence” put up by the Israelis to keep out suicide/homicide bombers. I can understand their reasoning, but, boy, is it ever a sad picture! It looks as though you’re driving into a penitentary. I still go in and out of Bethlehem every year. In fact, I was there just six months ago. The visitor now goes through Israeli security at the (more…)

Christmas – Is It REALLY the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year?”

December 4, 2008

[Today’s blog is by Helen Haidle, award-winning author of 45 books with sales of over 1.7 million copies. Helen and her artist-illustrator husband, David Haidle, operate Seed Faith Books providing Christian children’s books, 23rd Psalm curriculum study lessons and teaching resources to help children learn and memorize Psalm 23. In today’s post Helen reflects thoughtfully on the true meaning of Christmas.]

Christmas is no doubt the “busiest” time of year. What seems to make life so overwhelming in this season is our long “to do” list.

David & Helen Haidle, award-winning illustrator & author

David & Helen Haidle, award-winning illustrator & author

People spend time with each other, bake elaborate recipes only made once a year, then shop for the “perfect presents” to give to family and friends. They find their evenings and weekends filled (more…)