Christmas – Is It REALLY the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year?”

[Today’s blog is by Helen Haidle, award-winning author of 45 books with sales of over 1.7 million copies. Helen and her artist-illustrator husband, David Haidle, operate Seed Faith Books providing Christian children’s books, 23rd Psalm curriculum study lessons and teaching resources to help children learn and memorize Psalm 23. In today’s post Helen reflects thoughtfully on the true meaning of Christmas.]

Christmas is no doubt the “busiest” time of year. What seems to make life so overwhelming in this season is our long “to do” list.

David & Helen Haidle, award-winning illustrator & author

David & Helen Haidle, award-winning illustrator & author

People spend time with each other, bake elaborate recipes only made once a year, then shop for the “perfect presents” to give to family and friends. They find their evenings and weekends filled with countless exciting activities to celebrate the joys of Christmas.

But, lest our long lists and overcrowded calendars make us forget, there really is still only “ONE thing needful.” And that is to sit at our Lord’s feet and to spend time with Him.

We usually need to remind ourselves and our children more than once, this is HIS birthday we’re celebrating. He is the One to whom we give. He is the One for whom we live.

So have you thought about what you are going to give HIM to honor Him on this special day set aside to celebrate His birth?

But how do we give a gift to the One who not only has everything, but made EVERYTHING in the universe, including us?

The old song, “In a Bleak Midwinter,” said it so well: “What can I give Him, poor as I am? If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb. If I were a wise man, I would do my part. Yet what I can, I give Him – give my heart.”

Jesus told us of a special way we can give Him a gift. Read [the biblical book of] Matthew, chapter 25, verses 31-46. Then look around you and find those who are hungry and thirsty, those who are incarcerated in prison, the strangers in need. Every time we give and help those who are the “least” among us, Jesus receives our giving as unto Himself.

“Thank You, Lord, for the privilege of giving to others in need. Thanks that You receive the gifts we give as given to You. Take our hands and use them. Take our finances and our work, receive our daily serving of others. We consecrate it all to You. Once more we give You our hearts, our lives, our time and talents. We are Yours. We’re just so thankful that YOU are the best Gift we could ever receive. We can never outgive You! Amen.”


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