It’s That Time Again

[Today’s post is by author and television personality Ray Comfort who hosts the weekly television program, The Way of the Master. His best-selling book is also titled The Way of the Master. For New Leaf Publishing Group, Ray authored 101 Annoying Things About Air Travel and 101 Annoying Things About Other Drivers.]

Ray Comfort, author & television host

Ray Comfort, author & television host

It’s Christmas. It’s a season for family and the giving of gifts. It’s a time to thank God for giving us a Savior, and now it’s become a season for atheists to push their godless agenda. You are probably aware of the good news that atheists are making people think about God. What are known as the “new” atheists have a new evangelistic campaign. They are putting God-less signs on buses and beside nativity scenes, and so the secular media are talking about Jesus and the message of Christianity.

It reminds me how a few years ago atheists tried to rid America of the Ten Commandments. So the news media, day after day, panned across the words, “Thou shalt not steal,” “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” etc. night after night at peak viewing hours. The atheists reminded an entire nation about God and His moral law.

Those who want to rid the world of God would find it an easier task to put out the sun with a weak-pressured garden hose.

I love atheists. I am blessed to have a blog called “Atheist Central” that has masses of them buzzing around like bugs around a camp fire. I am soon publishing The Atheist Bible (Holman), and I have a book coming out called, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think. I even had dinner with 40 atheists earlier this year.

Late in 2007 a courageous Christian dropped a handful of booklets I published called The Atheist Test at a gathering of staunch atheists. These people were so committed to the belief that God didn’t exist they met once a month at the local IHOP (International House of Prayer?) at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California.

When they found out that I authored the booklet, they kindly invited me to join them for dinner on January 8, 2008. They requested that I get there an hour early to “set a baseline,” because some of their members “do get a bit hot-headed when discussing religion.” I accepted their invitation and decided to take my manager with me. Mark Spence is the dean of the “School of Biblical Evangelism.”

Before we went, I received permission from them to also take a handheld HD camera. I was determined not to go there to win an argument, but to simply show that I deeply cared for them as people, as most atheists in this category have the impression that Christians don’t like them.

We arrived about five minutes early, shook hands and sat down. After the orders were taken, I quietly approached the waiter and told him to give me the bill for the entire party. When he brought it to me I was almost shaking with excitement. If someone had tried to take it from me I would have physically fought them. I felt like I used to feel with my kids early on Christmas morning. When the group found out that I had personally paid the tab, they were very grateful, polite, pleasant, kind, and extremely thankful (see 1 Peter 2:15). The experience was a highlight of my life.

Then about ten of us huddled around a table and talked about the things of God for about an hour. It was up close and personal. Mark Spence answered every question and objection they had, calmly and eloquently.

We should never be fooled by their claim that evolution is backed up by science. The truth is, evolutionists have done to science what hypocrites have done to Christianity. Always remember, an atheist is just someone who pretends there is no God.

I took copies of my new book, How to Know God Exists, and all the folks at our table wanted one (it’s a strange feeling signing books for atheists). Then we posed for pictures and left, almost bursting with joy after such a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with these dear people.

So this Christmas, don’t be discouraged or bluffed by the new atheists. Instead, say a prayer for them when you thank God for the turkey because these people are not intellectuals as they believe. The Bible says that they are fools (see Psalm 14:1), and fools need our prayers.


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