Woman Gives Birth at the Age of 1!!!

[Today’s post is by Amie Zordel, homeschooling mother and author of Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show published by Master Books.]

Stars of the Show

Amie Zordel, author of Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show

Yes! It does sound quite surprising, doesn’t it? Well, let me explain. Recently I was talking with my 5-year-old at the breakfast table one morning. And she asked me, “Mommy, were Adam and Eve ever babies?” I explained to her that the Bible says in Genesis 2:25 that God made Adam and Eve, man and woman, and they were declared husband and wife right after their creation. So, the short answer was, “No, they were never babies.” Then my daughter proceeded to ask me , “How old was Eve when she had babies?”

Wow! What a question! I’ve been a Christian for many years and had never thought through that idea before. In order to answer her, I had to first think it through myself. My thoughts went something like this: If God created Adam and Eve perfect and therefore perfectly fertile, then it wouldn’t have taken much time at all for Adam and Eve to conceive a child. God states in Genesis 1:28 that they should “be fruitful and multiply, fill all the earth…” So, from that scripture we determine that God’s desire was for them to bring forth children and do so abundantly to fill the earth. Having not had a child before the Fall while in the Garden of Eden, I would then conclude that Adam and Eve sinned relatively soon after their creation. After sin entered the world and they were sent out of the Garden, the Bible states that Eve bore a son and called him “Cain.” My own opinion would be that from the time of Eve’s creation, and allowing for some time in the Garden of Eden, then 9 months of pregnancy, Eve would have been around a year old when she gave birth to her first child, Cain.

Now obviously Adam and Eve didn’t have to grow and learn as all other babies would who were born after them. They were created as adults and were given perfect knowledge and ability from God to function in their world. So, one cannot compare Eve’s abilities at a year old with any other infant at a year old. But it still stands to reason that Eve’s actual age when giving birth to her first child, Cain, would have been about a year or so.

Just food for thought.

Amie Zordel


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  2. abesheet Says:

    Yep, it takes a child to ask the question we are afraid of asking. That maybe why the bible talks about never going to heaven unless you are like “them wee ones”. Smart kid, by the way. Love the blog and the post!

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