“Transformed by the Evidence” Book Project: A Call for Testimonies

[Today’s post is contributed by Doug Sharp, one of the compilation editors for Persuaded by the Evidence: True Stories of Faith, Science & the Power of the Creator published by Master Books. Here Doug posts a call for additional stories of faith in God and scientific evidence that helps individuals deal with life’s difficult circumstances and questions.]

Doug Sharp, editor of Persuaded by the Evidence

Doug Sharp, editor of Persuaded by the Evidence

The book, Persuaded by the Evidence, is a compliation of stories of scientists, doctors, and ordinary people who share how they struggled through what they were taught in school concerning evolution and what evidence caused them to be persuaded that the Bible can be trusted as truth, and can be interpreted in a straightforward manner. Members of the Creation Research Society who participate in the CRSnet discussion group initiated this project. The intent of the book is to identify the scientific evidence that caused that person to change his/her mind concerning the theory of evolution.

This project is continuing in the form of a new book called Transformed by the Evidence. The difference in the new book is that we are searching for individuals whose life-changing experiences with the Creator made a significant difference for that person. This could have been a person who was already a Christian, but was a theistic evolutionist or embraced some other position that compromised with evolution. More significantly, we need stories that show that having the foundational evidence that the Bible is scientifically true helps to strengthen a person’s resolve to tackle the difficult questions of life and overcome them.

My contribution to Transformed by the Evidence is a story of how scientific evidence from biochemistry provided a foundation for my faith, and subsequently the faith of a group of friends who continue to grow in size over many years. The faith of this group was challenged by an event three years ago when my sister was brain-damaged in a hospital accident. Since my brother-in-law, Richard Geer, and I host a television show dealing with the creation/evidence question, this struck at the very heart of our ministry. But the evidence of the incredible design God has placed in DNA, RNA and proteins was the foundation of our research in the scriptures to find answers to tough questions such as this. We have chosen to live our lives for Him, regardless of difficult circumstances that surround my sister.

Others have suffered much worse at the hands of evil men than we, with persecution, hardship, prison or death, and yet they have kept their faith. We have many examples of those who brought us the scriptures in our language and paid for it with their lives. Trusting in the straightforward reading of scripture offers a much more powerful explanation, both theologically and scientifically, for what we observe around us, and that includes the reason why God allows death, evil and suffering.

We invite others who wish to share their story of how God uses scientific evidence along with faith and personal experience as a tripod that supports who they have become in Christ. If you would like to participate, please forward an inquiry to Master Books at nlp@newleafpress.net and they will share your contact information with me.

[The book project, Transformed by the Evidence, is in its initial stages and no publication decisions have been made. Individuals interested in how faith in God and scientific evidence can co-exist in a person’s worldview or belief system should read the current volume, Persuaded by the Evidence.]


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2 Responses to ““Transformed by the Evidence” Book Project: A Call for Testimonies”

  1. Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family Says:

    Kitty Foth Regner wrote a fabulous auto-biographical account of her testimony called Heaven Without Her. The evidence for creation featured strongly in her conversion. If there is still a need for contributors she might be willing to submit something for this title :).

  2. Robert Parrish Says:

    Thanks, Jennifer. I’ll forward your email to Mr. Sharp.

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