The Value of a Seed

[Today’s post is by Helen Haidle, award-winning author of 45 books with sales of over 1.7 million copies. Helen and her artist-illustrator husband, David Haidle, operate Seed Faith Books providing Christian children’s books, 23rd Psalm curriculum study lessons and teaching resources to help children learn and memorize Psalm 23. Helen and David have published several books through New Leaf Publishing Group.]

David & Helen Haidle

David & Helen Haidle

How do you describe a seed? By its color or looks? Dry, brittle, colorless, hard, dead or lifeless?

Or would you describe a seed’s value? Life-giving, priceless, powerful, packed with immeasurable potential, a great treasure without which few living creatures could survive.

Although most seeds look worthless, their puny appearance is misleading. For within each seed lies an immeasurable source of LIFE, growth and unimaginable multiplication.


5 seeds in every apple

5 seeds in every apple

There are usually five seeds in an apple. Take a good look at those five small seeds as you ponder this question: How many seeds are in an apple?

Each seed can produce one apple tree. A new tree won’t bear fruit for a few years, but when it does, watch it multiply.

One apple contains five seeds, potentially five trees. If five trees produce 10 apples in a crop, those 50 apples potentially yield 250 more trees!

If 250 trees bear 10 apples (50 seeds) in their first crop, 12,500 trees can be planted.

If these trees produced only 10 apples, they could yield over half a million trees. Year after year, who can calculate the total number of trees to be planted from additional crops?

So how many apples are in a seed? An immeasurable number with countless zeros!

What a reminder of the potential of ONE seed.

Never underestimate the value of one seed of your life.


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