More Online Marketing

Last week I blogged about my wakeup call to online marketing for books, versus traditonal marketing and relying on publishers. Creating my website and blog were interesting exercises in themselves – sometimes frustrating, sometimes rewarding, but I persevered. Not wonderfully creative, not brilliant prose, but I’m now officially online.

The key to successful blogging, I’m told and have read, is providing interesting and useful information (“content”) for my readers. If they visit my blog once and don’t find a reason to return, getting them back will be even harder. Since my first novel was about love and marriage the old-fashioned and cautious way, I wrote about why the protagonist insisted on four steps toward asking his dearly beloved for her hand in marriage. First he sought her father’s permission to court his daughter; then he checked with two former boyfriends to see whether they intended on pursuing the woman he loved; finally, he took his bride-to-be to meet his family. Often, parents and siblings are more objective than men and women hopelessly in love, the protagonist reasoned.

The purpose of blog post #1 was to communicate hopefully useful information for other couples considering marriage. Perhaps I’ll develop a following as a romantic advisor – that would be nice. Perhaps I’ll sell a few books – that would please my publisher. Most important, however, is that I’ve entered the online marketing world with integrity and contribution to the world at large.

Which is why I began writing in the first place, lots and lots of years ago.


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