The Dragon and the Elephant

[Today’s post is contributed by Doug Sharp, one of the compilation editors of Persuaded by the Evidence: True Stories of Faith, Science and the Power of the Creator, published by Master Books. Here Doug talks about his experience editing the follow-on book, Transformed by the Evidence.]

Doug Sharp, editor of Transformed by the Evidence

Doug Sharp, editor of Transformed by the Evidence

We live in a hostile, dangerous world full of traps, many of which seem quite innocent on the surface, but underneath lie trouble. As I edited the testimonies and prepared the introduction for the book, Transformed by the Evidence, the Lord has really been severe with me, putting His finger on all the areas of my life where I need to be transformed, but have stubbornly refused to let Him in to clean house. The question is, how can I really write about the transforming power of Jesus Christ when I am so set in my ways and persist in error continually?

The testimonies in the book are really amazing, and it shows how much Jesus Christ does for each one of us when we are initially converted. What the Lord is dealing with me now are the long-term things that, on the surface, may seem to be acceptable, moral, or even virtuous to others, yet are not the best for me – time-wasters or distractions from His perfect will. It is these ingrained habits and gray areas that are the most difficult to deal with and extract from our lives. They are like neutral mutations that accumulate and take up space – worn-out toys, trash, garbage, dust, and broken dishes. I have been blind to many of these for years, and I get annoyed when the Lord uses my wife as a mouthpiece to point them out to me. This had to change, and before I finished this book, I needed to gain victory in these areas.

I had a vivid dream one night of a huge dragon flying from house to house with an elephant on its back. Unconcerned, people were allowing these creatures into their houses. The elephant proceeded to rampage through homes, destroying them completely. Afterward, the dragon proceeded to devour all the occupants. After they left, the neighbors commented, “I don’t think that will happen here. Elephants can be tamed; dragons are interesting, colorful and fun. I don’t see what the harm might be.” Children began bringing home dragon eggs, collecting them, playing with them, and sitting on them, all the time hoping they wouldn’t hatch.

Finally, the dragon and the elephant landed on MY porch. I spent quite a bit of time negotiating with them, and finally I woke up. That made me think – what kinds of things am I allowing into my like the dragon and the elephant, obviously dangerous, but why do I think I won’t suffer the consequences? We watch junk TV, eat junk food, and allow our thought lives to stray into depravity. Why do we think we can get away with this?

Does your life need transformation? Perhaps there are just one or two nagging questions you haven’t been able to answer that causes you to stumble in your faith. Perhaps you are not ready to receive all that God has available for you because you cannot get past these questions. Our hope is that our experiences in seeking the answers for ourselves might encourage you in your faith.


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