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How Online Visibility Helps Authors Get Published

May 22, 2009

More and more often, publishers are requiring authors have “platforms” before considering their books for publication. Many authors, however, especially those who are unpublished, wonder how they’ll generate a “platform” if no one will publish their book.

Call it a platform, a community, a following, or a tribe, it’s much easier increasing one’s visibility to readers these days, thanks to the Internet and the World Wide Web. Authors who are passionate about the subject of their book can easily blog about said subject or speak to local groups or write columns for appropriate periodicals, thus creating the “platform.” When readers discover useful and valuable information in those blogs or columns or speeches, they’ll gladly tell their friends and associates. Many will recommend authors or books in their own blogs.

Today’s tip: Make your blog useful to readers. David Meerman Scott tells about an author who wrote about (more…)


10 Years Later

May 18, 2009

[Today’s post is by Dr. Jack Cuozzo, author of Buried Alive, published by Master Books.]

In a 2008 article published in the Annals of Human Biology, SR Chang and KH Chen wrote about their findings in a cross-sectional study performed on 214 Taiwanese post-adolescent girls, their mothers and their grandmothers. They were investigating the age of menarche over the course of three generations. The reason I am citing this research is because the Bible and my research in “Buried Alive” predicted results such as these ten years ago. The trend in the maturation process of children down through the ages continues to spiral downward from the ancient people of Genesis to modern humans.

Buried Alive by Dr. Jack Cuozzo

Buried Alive by Dr. Jack Cuozzo

Their results found, “the distribution of age at menarche moved significantly earlier over three generations.” Conclusion: “ The results showed a significant decrease in the onset (more…)

The First 100 Days: Blind Spots & Duplicity

May 7, 2009

[Today’s post is by Richard Exley, speaker and author of 30 books and hundreds of articles. The Indescribable Gift (out of print) and Living in Harmony were published through New Leaf Press.’ 

“I can only conclude that our President has a huge blind spot or his “morality” is based on political expediency. Either way it is a distressing scenario.”

Today’s blog is more than a week overdue. Like you, I’ve been busy but that’s not the problem. I’ve put off writing this post, agonizing over its content. I want to write something inspirational and encouraging, and this is anything but that. Yet, try as I might I cannot escape the sense that I must address this issue. It is like a fire shut up in my bones and the longer I delay the hotter it burns. I know I will get no relief until I write what the Lord has laid upon my heart. (more…)