Breathtaking Photographic Journey of Beloved Christian Hymns

New Leaf Press recently announced the release of Abide With Me, written by John H. Parker and photographed by Paul Seawright. This is the first joint venture of Messrs. Parker and Seawright.

Beginning with the history of John Newton’s favorite “Amazing Grace,” the book recounts stories of faith behind this and 24 other hymns from the past 300 years. In addition to Newton, hymn writers include Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, Henry Lyte and others. The book also includes a CD with 24 hymns performed in their traditional manner.

Most Christians are familiar with these hymns. However, little-known facts presented in the book include:

  • The hymn specially written for a sister’s wedding in 30 minutes
  • The privileged poet and hymnist who would die ministering in India
  • The first British hymn ever written and its original language
  • The ‘song of comfort’ written by the daughter of a newspaper editor and associated with the funerals of three American presidents

Whether sung in celebrations of joy or times of sadness, these classic hymns have become staples of both British and American culture.


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