Best-selling or Best-writing?

The other day a fellow blogger posed the crucial question, “do you want to be a best-selling author or a best-writing author?” I was surprised at the number of authors/writers who prefer “best-writing” status.

It’s admirable to want to improve one’s craft, to write poetic prose, to so completely relate to one’s readers/tribe/platform/community, et al with powerful words. I’d love to become that level of writer, to win the Nobel Prize for literature. On the other hand, I write with purpose. I write with a message, and it’s more important (to me) that the message gets spread.

Key to spreading the message of my writing – and yours – is building our online platforms. Central to our platforms are our daily or weekly blogs. That’s what one blogger calls “home base.” Another calls this “your Internet hub.” Could be your website, of course, and most successful authors have both. Their websites promote past and current books, “coming next” titles, about pages, regular newsletters, “contact me,” etc. Good. Informational. And static.

Blogs, however, are dynamic. Yes, some information from websites may be repeated on blog pages, but blogs give authors opportunities to connect with their readers, and vice versa. Blogs are regular communications sent and received for all the world to see. Not only are blogs useful for frequent communication, they also get more attention from search engines and referring sites. Which builds your platform.

Beyond blogging, authors can build their platforms in numerous ways:

  • writing articles relevant to your message or your most recent book and sending them to magazines, newspapers and radio stations
  • sending news releases to the media, beginning with those in your hometown and expanding nationally or internationally. You’d be surprised by the number of former classmates and teachers, former neighbors, as well as family members, who will share your pride in actually completing a book.
  • creating podcasts about the subject of your book, or simply reading chapters from your work. Check out
  • videotaping yourself talking about your message or your book and uploading to Camcorder quality is just fine.
  • giving away free – that’s free – copies via your blog, whether you take the first X number emails or construct a contest or ask your platform to send in clever titles for your next book. It’s essential that you give away parts of your work, both through free books, as well as sharing your knowledge freely and widely.
  • social networking on Facebook and Twitter. More and more, these 2 forums are becoming the standard for online communication.

More on these specifics to come.


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2 Responses to “Best-selling or Best-writing?”

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  2. Robert Parrish Says:

    Books to Download – glad we can help. I’ve learned from other writers and from social media gurus and am happy to pass along their insights.

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