4 Ways to Build Your Author’s Platform

Just yesterday the largest Christian publisher in the U.S. Twittered about the importance of authors from all genres building their online platforms.

  1. There there were 561,000 new titles published last year, he wrote. That’s a lot of competition for any book, regardless how timely or well-written.
  2. Shelf space in most bookstores remains constant and small bookstores – even chains – are going out of business faster than new stores are being built.
  3. All kinds of media compete for your reader’s attention. From TV to the Internet, from newspapers to magazines, from radio to billboards, everyone has a message to sell.

The publisher put forth 4 ways you can get noticed as an author, your books can get read, your message delivered to your audience:

  1. Write a truly remarkable book. One of our most recent titles, Already Gone, by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer, has sold more than 50,000 copies since its release in mid-May 2009. The subject is timely and Ken Ham has an established reputation.
  2. Take responsibility for your own success. We at New Leaf Publishing Group will promote your book as fully as possible, but ongoing, long-term success depends on you.
  3. Don’t rely on traditonal, interruption-based marketing. Media advertising and telemarketing simply aren’t effective without huge budgets behind them. The new direction of marketing is “inbound.”  Hubspot.com is a leader in this approach to selling online and offers several free webinars on how to effectively market via the Internet.
  4. Build a tribe of your own. People who share your passion for the topic of your book – from church attendance to global warming to evangelism – are waiting for authors to give voice to their passions and create means of expressing those passions. Whether you write a blog, communicate via Facebook or Twitter, whether you create videos for GodTube and YouTube, the world is waiting for you to help them communicate about your passion.

When you write great books and deliver dedicated audiences, agents and publishers will be finding you rather than your flooding the U.S. mail with queries and proposals.



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