For 33 years New Leaf Publishing Group – New Leaf Press, Master Books, Balfour Books and Attic Books – has passionately promoted the power of the printed page in evangelizing God’s message of hope and love to the world. Our mission is “to bring the lost to Christ and balance to the body of Christ” which we strive to do through publishing award-winning inspirational books and relevant, cutting-edge books addressing important cultural issues of the 21st century.

Master Books was founded in 1975 by two icons of the Christian book industry, Dr. Henry Morris and Dr. Tim LaHaye, creating the only publishing house in the world that exclusively publishes creation-based materials. Since coming under the New Leaf Publishing Group umbrella in 1996, Master Books continues to offer important evolution-free supplemental homeschool books and multimedia products.

In 2003 Balfour Books was launched to publish books on the importance of Israel, the Middle East and their relevance to America. Radical Islam, interfaith issues, Zionism and prophecy are examples of why this new imprint is attracting projects from around the world by some of the most influential Jewish and Christian writers of our time.

Attic Books celebrates the rediscovery and reprinting of some of the very best books from before the 20th century. Unearthing the forgotten as well as favored classics, Attic Books brings new elegance to educational and reference books from times past when the biblical and literal history of God and His creations were proudly proclaimed. Always unique, beautifully crafted and as relevant today as when first published.

New Leaf Publishing Group consistently searches for authors and book projects that point readers to a deeper understanding of Christ through the power of the printed and electronic page and reveal how He can impact their lives. We firmly believe in the God we serve and we are honored to share His message of hope, love and salvation with the world.



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