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10 Years Later, Part 2

July 24, 2009

In 1998 Dr. Jack Cuozzo authored his book, Buried Alive, published by Master Books. Five years later the book was in its 5th printing.

In May of this year Dr. Cuozzo noted a study reported in a 2008 issue of Annals of Human Biology about the age of menarche over the course of 3 generations of Taiwanese women. The article confirmed Dr. Cuozzo’s statement on page 268 in Buried Alive where he wrote, ““Ultimately, it appears as if man is headed for younger ages of maturation. We were truly fearfully and wonderfully made, but the Fall made a major difference. This is exactly the opposite message to evolution where the biological world becomes more complex, not less efficient, less vital.” [See “10 Years Later,” May 18, on this blog.]

Now Dr. Cuozzo reports an article in the July 17, 2009, issue of Science magazine again confirming the validity of his original work.

“Sequencing Neanderthal Mitochondrial Genomes by the Half-Dozen:” On page 252, Elizabeth Pennisi states: “On page 318, a team led by Svante Paabo of the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig, Germany, describes a new technique the team used to decipher the entire mitochondrial genomes from five of these extinct humans. These genomes show relatively little genetic diversity among Neanderthals scattered across Europe and Asia.”

Dr. Cuozzo notes, “It seems that the genetic make-up of Neaderthals was just established for mitochondrial DNA…that part of the cell which is the “battery,” so to speak, of the cell. More importantly, it was found that this mtDNA that is only passed on by females to children, male and female, was much more homgeneous for this ancient population of people. Making our ancient relatives about 1/3 as diverse as us.  I now quote from page 102 of Buried Alive: “Noah’s family of Shem , Ham, and Japheth and their wives were capable of giving rise to all of mankind because they carried the genes of us all. All that their progeny needed was physical separation, so as not to maintain a homogeneous population.” In other words, they were not as diverse as us.

Now page 180 of the book: “Therefore, because of all the aforementioned data, it seems justified to use Le Moustier as the baseline for adult growth changes. Now we can move forward to the Neanderthal adults from the same area of Southern France, staying within the homogeneity of the group.

In other words, they were not as diverse as us.

In her review on page 252 of Science, Pennisi cites members of the Paabo team, especially the lead authors of his team, A. Briggs and J. Good, as finding 20 differences in the mitochondrial DNA between any two Neanderthals, but 60 differences between any two modern humans. When you think that these Neanderthals were far away in time from Adam and Eve, with only 20 differences, how much more homogeneous were Adam and Eve created?


10 Years Later

May 18, 2009

[Today’s post is by Dr. Jack Cuozzo, author of Buried Alive, published by Master Books.]

In a 2008 article published in the Annals of Human Biology, SR Chang and KH Chen wrote about their findings in a cross-sectional study performed on 214 Taiwanese post-adolescent girls, their mothers and their grandmothers. They were investigating the age of menarche over the course of three generations. The reason I am citing this research is because the Bible and my research in “Buried Alive” predicted results such as these ten years ago. The trend in the maturation process of children down through the ages continues to spiral downward from the ancient people of Genesis to modern humans.

Buried Alive by Dr. Jack Cuozzo

Buried Alive by Dr. Jack Cuozzo

Their results found, “the distribution of age at menarche moved significantly earlier over three generations.” Conclusion: “ The results showed a significant decrease in the onset (more…)

The First 100 Days: Blind Spots & Duplicity

May 7, 2009

[Today’s post is by Richard Exley, speaker and author of 30 books and hundreds of articles. The Indescribable Gift (out of print) and Living in Harmony were published through New Leaf Press.’ 

“I can only conclude that our President has a huge blind spot or his “morality” is based on political expediency. Either way it is a distressing scenario.”

Today’s blog is more than a week overdue. Like you, I’ve been busy but that’s not the problem. I’ve put off writing this post, agonizing over its content. I want to write something inspirational and encouraging, and this is anything but that. Yet, try as I might I cannot escape the sense that I must address this issue. It is like a fire shut up in my bones and the longer I delay the hotter it burns. I know I will get no relief until I write what the Lord has laid upon my heart. (more…)

The Dragon and the Elephant

February 24, 2009

[Today’s post is contributed by Doug Sharp, one of the compilation editors of Persuaded by the Evidence: True Stories of Faith, Science and the Power of the Creator, published by Master Books. Here Doug talks about his experience editing the follow-on book, Transformed by the Evidence.]

Doug Sharp, editor of Transformed by the Evidence

Doug Sharp, editor of Transformed by the Evidence

We live in a hostile, dangerous world full of traps, many of which seem quite innocent on the surface, but underneath lie trouble. As I edited the testimonies and prepared the introduction for the book, Transformed by the Evidence, the Lord has really been severe with me, putting His finger on all the areas of my life where I need to be transformed, but have stubbornly refused to let Him in to clean house. The question is, how can I really write about the transforming power of Jesus Christ when I am so set in my ways and persist in error continually? (more…)

More Online Marketing

January 30, 2009

Last week I blogged about my wakeup call to online marketing for books, versus traditonal marketing and relying on publishers. Creating my website and blog were interesting exercises in themselves – sometimes frustrating, sometimes rewarding, but I persevered. Not wonderfully creative, not brilliant prose, but I’m now officially online.

The key to successful blogging, I’m told and have read, is providing interesting and useful information (more…)

Online Marketing for Authors

January 23, 2009

I’m a writer. Majored in journalism in college, wrote advertising and marketing materials all my career. A few years ago I self-published my first book, a Christian romance. Of course, all the marketing responsibilities became mine. So I dutifully took copies of this wonderful new work of fiction to every local bookstore manager who’d give me the time of day. I faithfully sent out news releases and books to local and national media. One very kind Christian radio station interviewed me and a generous bookstore provided a table for my first and only booksigning. (more…)

The Value of a Seed

January 16, 2009

[Today’s post is by Helen Haidle, award-winning author of 45 books with sales of over 1.7 million copies. Helen and her artist-illustrator husband, David Haidle, operate Seed Faith Books providing Christian children’s books, 23rd Psalm curriculum study lessons and teaching resources to help children learn and memorize Psalm 23. Helen and David have published several books through New Leaf Publishing Group.]

David & Helen Haidle

David & Helen Haidle

How do you describe a seed? By its color or looks? Dry, brittle, colorless, hard, dead or lifeless?

Or would you describe a seed’s value? Life-giving, priceless, powerful, packed with immeasurable potential, a great treasure without which few living creatures could survive.

Although most seeds look worthless, their puny appearance is misleading. For within each seed lies an immeasurable source of LIFE, growth and unimaginable multiplication. (more…)

“Transformed by the Evidence” Book Project: A Call for Testimonies

December 23, 2008

[Today’s post is contributed by Doug Sharp, one of the compilation editors for Persuaded by the Evidence: True Stories of Faith, Science & the Power of the Creator published by Master Books. Here Doug posts a call for additional stories of faith in God and scientific evidence that helps individuals deal with life’s difficult circumstances and questions.]

Doug Sharp, editor of Persuaded by the Evidence

Doug Sharp, editor of Persuaded by the Evidence

The book, Persuaded by the Evidence, is a compliation of stories of scientists, doctors, and ordinary people who share how they struggled through what they were taught in school concerning evolution and what evidence caused them to be persuaded that the Bible can be trusted as truth, and can be interpreted in a straightforward manner. Members of the Creation Research Society who participate in the CRSnet discussion group initiated this project. The intent of the book is to identify the (more…)

Merry Christmas!

December 17, 2008

[Today’s post is by Tim Chaffey, pastor, founder of Midwest Apologetics and co-author of newly published Old-Earth Creationism on Trial by Master Books. He is currently working on another book project.]

Christmas is an enjoyable time of the year for most people. For many, this time of year includes family gatherings, time off from work, reminiscing about Christmases of the past, and an overall sense of joy.

In the past several decades, Christmas has become more and more secular in our society as a large faction (more…)

Woman Gives Birth at the Age of 1!!!

December 15, 2008

[Today’s post is by Amie Zordel, homeschooling mother and author of Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show published by Master Books.]

Stars of the Show

Amie Zordel, author of Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show

Yes! It does sound quite surprising, doesn’t it? Well, let me explain. Recently I was talking with my 5-year-old at the breakfast table one morning. And she asked me, “Mommy, were Adam and Eve ever babies?” I explained to her that the Bible says in Genesis 2:25 that God made Adam and Eve, man and woman, and they were declared husband and wife right after their creation. So, the short answer was, “No, they were never babies.” Then my daughter proceeded to ask me , “How old was Eve when (more…)