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Were There REALLY Dinosaurs?

November 14, 2008

[Today we’re interviewing Amie Zordel – wife, mother, homeschooler and author of  Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show.]

Stars of the Show

Amie Zordel, author, Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show

Written By…: Amie, you were inspired to write Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show when your daughter saw the theory of evolution being promoted on a children’s television show. Was it you or your daughter who first said “That’s not right. That isn’t true.”

Amie Zordel: Actually my daughter, Cailin, was the one who noticed the evolution in the program. She has been taught all about creation and knows when she hears anything contradictory.

WB: How vigorously did you or your daughter react to the TV program?

AZ: Cailin was very adamant about correcting the errors in the program. As we watched the (more…)


How Old is Planet Earth, Anyway?

October 28, 2008

[Welcome to Written by…, the blog for New Leaf Publishing Group best-selling authors and staff. Today we’re interviewing Tim Chaffey, associate pastor, founder of and author of Old-Earth Creationism On Trial.]

Written by…: Tim, where did the concept for Old-Earth Creationism on Trial originate?

Tim Chaffey: I started hearing several pastors and other Christian leaders saying things like “this issue of the age of the earth really doesn’t matter. There are good arguments on both sides so we really don’t take a stand on it.” Of course, I disagreed with them, but there were really two things that bothered me. (more…)

God’s Amazing Creatures

October 3, 2008
David & Helen Haidle, Illustrator & Author

David & Helen Haidle, Illustrator & Author

Welcome to Written by…, the author blog for New Leaf Publishing Group best-selling authors and staff. In this, our debut week of blogging, we’d like you to meet Helen and David Haidle, award-winning author and illustrator of more than 45 books for families, children, Christian schools and outreach ministries. Their Bombus series for children was released in March, 2006. 

God’s amazing creatures never cease to fascinate me! When I first started writing the devotional with science facts (GOD’S AMAZING CREATURES and ME), I knew that many animals, birds and insects could teach me about the greatness of God and what God’s plan was for my life today.   (more…)