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5 Tips for Targeting Your Blog

June 24, 2009

Writing stuff people actually care about is what we authors do. Right?

Trouble is, that’s sometimes incredibly difficult. Here are 5 specific steps to blogging that make targeting our messages considerably easier than crafting 50,000- or 100,000-word books.

  1. Test. Blogs let you discover what kind of content your public wants to read. What makes them subscribe to your blog, eagerly searching their email or RSS notifications for the latest wisdom from your keyboard? Write a few blogs and watch the “views per day” statistics. This same blog you’re now (more…)

Why Inbound Marketing?

June 17, 2009

Used to be when you had a product or service to sell, you figured out how to tell the world. You took your product to the marketplace (farmer’s market) or you bought or begged attention (advertising, public relations) or bugged people into trying your product (sales, direct mail, telemarketing, etc). It was you who went after customers.

For authors and publishers, that meant all the above, plus whirlwind tours of the country appearing on radio and television shows, holding book signings, conducting readings at local libraries, trekking to local bookstores with signed copies in hand, and meeting and greeting as many people as possible. All  that was what one of my favorite social media marketers, Hubspot, calls “interruption marketing.” (more…)

Best-selling or Best-writing?

June 5, 2009

The other day a fellow blogger posed the crucial question, “do you want to be a best-selling author or a best-writing author?” I was surprised at the number of authors/writers who prefer “best-writing” status.

It’s admirable to want to improve one’s craft, to write poetic prose, to so completely relate to one’s readers/tribe/platform/community, et al with powerful words. I’d love to become that level of writer, to win the Nobel Prize for literature. On the other hand, I write with purpose. I write with a message, and it’s more important (to me) that the message gets spread.

Key to spreading the message of my writing – and yours – is building our online platforms. Central to our platforms are our daily or weekly blogs. That’s what one blogger calls “home base.” Another calls this “your (more…)

How Online Visibility Helps Authors Get Published

May 22, 2009

More and more often, publishers are requiring authors have “platforms” before considering their books for publication. Many authors, however, especially those who are unpublished, wonder how they’ll generate a “platform” if no one will publish their book.

Call it a platform, a community, a following, or a tribe, it’s much easier increasing one’s visibility to readers these days, thanks to the Internet and the World Wide Web. Authors who are passionate about the subject of their book can easily blog about said subject or speak to local groups or write columns for appropriate periodicals, thus creating the “platform.” When readers discover useful and valuable information in those blogs or columns or speeches, they’ll gladly tell their friends and associates. Many will recommend authors or books in their own blogs.

Today’s tip: Make your blog useful to readers. David Meerman Scott tells about an author who wrote about (more…)

More Online Marketing

January 30, 2009

Last week I blogged about my wakeup call to online marketing for books, versus traditonal marketing and relying on publishers. Creating my website and blog were interesting exercises in themselves – sometimes frustrating, sometimes rewarding, but I persevered. Not wonderfully creative, not brilliant prose, but I’m now officially online.

The key to successful blogging, I’m told and have read, is providing interesting and useful information (more…)

Online Marketing for Authors

January 23, 2009

I’m a writer. Majored in journalism in college, wrote advertising and marketing materials all my career. A few years ago I self-published my first book, a Christian romance. Of course, all the marketing responsibilities became mine. So I dutifully took copies of this wonderful new work of fiction to every local bookstore manager who’d give me the time of day. I faithfully sent out news releases and books to local and national media. One very kind Christian radio station interviewed me and a generous bookstore provided a table for my first and only booksigning. (more…)