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Twitter or Fritter?

July 24, 2009

There have been a number of posts on this blog about the value of Twitter for building author platforms. Today Twitter itself issued the most clear and comprehensive guide to using the microblogging service I’ve seen and I highly recommend your checking it out.

“Twitter 101: A Special Guide” is written for businesses wanting to share information, as well as garner customer feedback. For authors, Twitter is an excellent communications tool for updating readers on the status of your latest books. It’s also very useful for sharing links to first chapters posted on your blog or website. The Guide explains why it works, how it works and ways businesses use and benefit from Twitter.

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Why Should Authors Twitter?

July 7, 2009

There are lots of knowledgeable people who highly recommend Twittering as a means of both building your own online platform/presence/following, as well as researching what the online world is talking about. At New Leaf Publishing, we Twitter for a lot of the reasons listed below:

  1. Helps you listen to your industry or profession, whether it’s writing, publishing or the subject matter of your books
  2. Condenses your thoughts into 140 characters, including spaces, helps make you a better writer (more…)